Betting on Golf – The Different Bets you Can Make

Betting on Golf – The Different Bets you Can Make

Jan 12, 2019

Betting is a very prominent way of recreation, for many people all over the world. Golf is also a sport which is slow and takes time for a match or tournament to finish. People love betting on golf to make it more interesting. There are plenty of bets which you can make on golf, so here is a list of those bets, including what to do prior to betting.

Finding a Good Sportsbook

Chances are that you will be betting online, and in that case, you need to find a good online sportsbook. Sportsbooks come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that the level of quality of service and security can vary greatly from site to site.

Check for reputable sportsbooks and look for third-party reviews. Be careful when reading reviews, however, as some might be more enticing than others. A good review would be this review of Bally’s Wild Wild West sportsbook. Look for something similar to that and then you can move on to learning about bets, knowing that you found a great sportsbook.

Golf Bets – A Variety of Possibilities

Golf is fun because there are a lot of bets for punters to explore. From standard to Win bets to more specific head to head matchups, golf can offer punters a new world of betting possibilities. Here are those bets, in detail.

To Win Bet

This bet is relatively simple, where you bet that a certain player will win either a round or an entire tournament. This bet is present in every game out there, under a different name, however.

Versus the Field

This bet is sort of an opposite to the above-mentioned bet. It is only available once a favorite for a tournament is established. There are some favorites prior to the start of any tournament, but once the rankings are clearer, you can bet that any player other than the favorite will win the tournament.

Head to Head Bets

These are some of the most fun bets you can make as they pit one golfer against another, without anything else being important. Once a sportsbook decides on which golfers you can bet on in a head to head bet, you can choose one or another and the only outcome that matters is the score of each golfer at the end of a round or tournament.

Just like with any other bet, they can be evenly matched or one slightly favored by another, where the odds shift to match that.

Prop Bets

If head to head bets are fun, prop bets are hilarious. You can bet on anything from whether a hole in one is going to happen at a specific tournament or if a golfer is going to get stuck in water or sand and for how long. You can also bet on how many birdies, eagles or even albatrosses golfers are going to make, if any at all.

These are some of the bets you can make on golf, along with crucial advice on how to find a decent online sportsbook.