Professional golf tours

Professional golf tours

Dec 27, 2017

Professional golf, whether at mini tour or major tour level, is not exactly a walk in the park. Actually, some say it is one of the toughest careers you could choose in sports, considering it takes a minimum of 7 to 10 or even more years of hard work to make it to the major leagues.

Nonetheless, golf is one of the most lucrative sports in the world if you manage to get to the top. And if you like betting, there are many different ways to wager on golf, so take advantage of this bitcoins bonus code 2017 and place your bets.

Professional golfers, or touring professionals, who make a living from prize money and endorsements are a small elite within the profession. An overwhelming percentage of them – no less than 95% – make their primary income as club or teaching professionals rather than competitions.

Professional golf tours have appeared due to the need to organize otherwise unconnected professional golf tournaments into a regular schedule, given that there are so many separate tours for men and women based in different geographical regions.

There are more than twenty professional golf tours worldwide, each run by a PGA or an independent tour organization, which will handle things like arranging events, finding sponsors, and regulating the tour. As the difference in the prizes offered at these golf tours is enormous, players always aspire to move up the ladder and get as close as possible to the major competitions.

What they pursue is to get to participate in one of the four major golf tournaments played on the PGA TOUR every season, which represent the most prestigious events in the game. These are The Masters, the US Open, the Open Championship and the PGA Championship.

Usually played in the second week of April, The Masters tournament is hosted by invitation only at the renowned Augusta National Golf Club and the winner receives the coveted Green Jacket. Winners of this tournament can honestly say that they have accomplished one of the greatest feats in all of golf.

The US Open follows in the third week of June and is hosted by the USGA and played at a different location in the U.S each year.

Furthermore, the Open Championship, which was first played in 1860, is the oldest of the four major championships in professional golf. It takes place every year during the third week of July on a links-style course at one of nine different locations in the United Kingdom and the current champion is Jordan Spieth.

Finally, the PGA Championship is the final major of the season, taking place each year in mid-August. Due to its popularity, it is a televised event in the United States.