The Benefits of Using Technology In Golf

The Benefits of Using Technology In Golf

May 26, 2019

The world around us is changing constantly with every new wave of technological advances and innovations. The future we all thought was possible only in science fiction movies is here, and soon we will be served by robots in cafes and driven by self-driving cars. A lot of people are scared by that notion, but others choose to see the benefits which are infinite. Sport is no exception to this and golf seems to be the one most affected, or better said, enhanced by the technology. The golf industry is most obviously benefiting from the use of VR and AI, which make the experience easier and bring it closer to everyone.

Better experience for viewers

Golf wouldn’t be one of the most attractive and richest sports in the world if not for the dedicated golf enthusiasts. Golf is particularly successful on betting services and certain sites like that offer great bonus codes, are already making it so easy for fans to bet on their favorite golfers. To make matters even more available for the viewers, technology is bringing golf to them. VR technology is making it possible for fans to watch and root for their players without ever leaving their houses.

GPS and other gadgets

When it comes to useful devices, golfers already use many technologies that were not possible couple of years ago. A GPS watch that tells you the precise distance on the field or rangefinders that use a laser to tell you the exact yardage are very common tools that golfers use nowadays. Launch monitors are another one of those devices that can tell you statistics about your swing including ball spin rate, angle, and speed and they are especially great for learners who want to know what exactly they need to improve. Another one of the extremely useful gadgets that will soon be available are glasses with heads-up-display. They will allow the players to see their statistics and recommendations for the next move at any given time with just one small click.


An electronic push cart called Robot Caddie is the first AI golf helper that will soon be available for golf tournaments. This robot will have many of the previously mentioned features such as GPS and a rangefinder and it will be able to tell you information about your game. This AI will not only follow the players around and carry their clubs, but it will also give a lot of information and helpful recommendations on what they should do next. That means that Robot Caddie won’t be just a caddie, but more of a personal consultant to the players. Even people who are not completely used to the idea of AI have to admit that this makes the whole experience easier and more enjoyable.


Imagine a stunning green field and sunny skies forming around you in a matter of seconds without you even moving. That is the future of golf, both for golf tournaments as well as recreational playing. VR will allow people to try the game without investing money, which is marvelous considering how costly golf is. It will change people’s attitude towards golf and make them see it as a relaxing, leisure activity as well as appeal to younger crowds.