Tiger Woods – the Ups, Downs and Where He Is Now

Tiger Woods – the Ups, Downs and Where He Is Now

May 11, 2019

The story of Tiger Woods has been told and retold many times and we still get caught by surprise. How can a man beat the odds and take the golf world by storm, only to fall from grace? And how can that same man pay his dues and climb to the top again?

Early Life

From the get-go, Woods was involved with golf. His father, Earl Woods, introduced Tiger to the clubs, the ball, and the green when he was but two years old. Even before he was ten, he was winning golf competitions for children. Reportedly, he started defeating his father from age 11 onwards.

He broke records and impressed professionals and amateurs alike. Suffice it to say that even Jack Nicklaus was eager to meet this young prodigy. The first time Woods entered the PGA Tour was for the Masters in 1995. He was the only amateur that made it into the competition that year.


In 1996, Tiger Woods could be seen singing deals with Nike and Titleist and winning the title of the Rookie of the Year. One year later he won his first major competition – the Masters. Tiger Woods was slowly, but surely, climbing the ladder of success. In 2000, he managed to win six times in a row during the PGA Tour, which is something that was previously achieved only by Ben Hogan 52 years prior.

Woods held a record streak of the number of weeks he was number one. It was 264 weeks and it was broken in 2004 when Vijay Singh overtook Woods. Still, Woods bounced back in 2005, reclaiming his throne.

The Fall

Woods’s knee troubles were not the first physical problem he experienced, as he had had severe problems with his eyes before, but they were definitely career-threatening. Woods had a surgery of his knee to treat his ruptured ligament and had to take a break from the world of golf until 2009.

The knee was also not his most scandalous problem. Though he got married in 2004 to Elin Nordegren, Woods had an affair with Rachel Uchitel, a nightclub worker. With so much pressure and errors made, it was one more that broke the camel’s back. Still in 2009, Woods drove his car straight into a fire hydrant. It is unclear what made him do so, though intoxication was rumored to have been a factor. He apologized for his behavior to his wife and the public, but got divorced in 2010.

Between 2010 and 2017, Woods was relatively calm, though his game suffered to a certain degree. It wasn’t uncommon for him to withdraw from competitions due to injury. In 2017, he was arrested for driving under the influence. The police arrested him because he was caught sleeping in his car with the engine running. Woods stated that he was taking prescription medication, completely unaware of how they would interact with each other. He got community service and a fine.

Coming Back

The fans and the public forgave Tiger for his past transgressions when he climbed back to the top. It was the Masters in 2019 that made people laugh, cry, and cheer for their favorite golfer. He was congratulated on Twitter by several public figures, including Jack Nicklaus, President Obama, President Trump, and Serena Williams, to name a few. It looks as though Woods will be back to being number one, though for many that’s what he always has been.