Top Casinos with Golf Courses in the World

Top Casinos with Golf Courses in the World

May 15, 2019

There are different types of casinos, and each of them is visited for a specific reason. People visit online casinos because it’s convenient and they can do it while chilling at home. They visit a no deposit casino in the UK because it offers all sorts of bonuses for specific games. And they visit smaller casinos that are in the neighbourhood because it is a fun place to hang with friends.   

However, luxurious and flashy Casinos are heavily focused on providing spectacular fun for the guests. These institutions are on a constant lookout on how to re-invent themselves and bring new entertaining features for the guests to enjoy. One of the more alluring amenities that casinos tend to invest in is are golf courses. Some of the top-notch designers have been employed to create an exceptional golf course, which easily rivals those courses that were not created by casinos. So, if you are wondering where you can have fun in casinos and then proceed to play the golf game, or vice-versa, here are the top places one should visit.   

Shadow Creek and MGM Grand (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Shadow Creek is one of the most awe-inspiring courses out there. With lush green terrain and vegetation, you will completely forget you are actually in the desert. It is part of MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, and given the town’s reputation for boasting the best casinos, it should come as no surprise that one of the best golf courses is there. MGM also has an arena where boxing matches are held regularly and you might get the chance to attend a live music performance as well.

Fallen Oak Golf Club and Beau Rivage Casino (Biloxi, Mississippi)

A fully equipped casino with private poker rooms, and lots of tables with blackjack, roulette, craps and baccarat. Guests can also stay in a luxury hotel, book their time at the spa and explore the vast 18-hole golf fields. It is located near Biloxi, highly praised for its beauty and cleaver hole design, Fallen Oak Golf Club is definitely a place where good time and amazing scenery are guaranteed.

Real Club de Golf and Casino Marbella (Marbella, Spain)

If you want to find quality golf courses in Europe then Spain is where you need to be. A sunny country is renowned for its supreme selection of golf courses. In case you want a classy casino where you can chill after a golf game then Real Club de Golf and Casino Marbella are a dynamic duo you are looking for.

Once the sun starts to set and you decide to put your golf clubs down for the day, feel free to head out to Casino Marbella. The place has a whole room solely dedicated to Texas Hold ‘Em players, lots of slot machines, roulette and blackjack tables. For those who are planning to spend their summer holiday here, this is a great opportunity to experience the glamour of Southern Spain.

Macau Golf and Country Club & The Kotai Strip (Macau)

Apart from being a Portuguese colony in the past, Macau is a small but well-known territory in China, because of its Vegas-style casinos. Places like The Sands, The Wynn and the Grand Dragon beckon the visitors from all across the country and beyond, however, experienced golf professionals are drawn to this place for one main reason and that is Macau Golf and Country Club.  

The weather conditions and course design is what makes this place perfect for golfing, and the casino is a great place to visit after the game. Bear in mind that hotels here are in really high demand, so don’t be surprised if it takes to long to book a room.